Fitness Assessment

A fitness assessment is an important aspect of any fitness program. It tells you or your trainer what your current fitness level is and how to progress safely and effectively.

Fitness assessments are an integral part of our personal training services when establishing a training program for our clients. However, we do also provide them as a standalone service for anyone working out on their own. A TUF fitness assessment is a convenient way to obtain vital information about your current state of fitness.

A fitness assessment appointment may include:

  • Body composition measurement
  • Weight and body mass index
  • Girth measurements
  • Aerobic capacity test
  • Flexibility test
  • Muscular endurance test
  • Maximum heart rate calculation

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Fitness Assessments and Personal Training

The fitness assessment is an important first step in your personal training program. This session will tell the trainer where your fitness level is, identify any potential health risk factors and allow them to customize a safe, effective training plan specifically for you. It also provides a baseline from which you can measure your progress.

The initial fitness assessment appointment is separate from personal training sessions, with its own options and rate structure.

After the initial assessment, follow-up assessments will be conducted at planned intervals throughout personal training. These periodic evaluations are included at no additional cost to anyone training with a TUF coach.

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