Personal Training

A working relationship with a personal fitness coach is the ideal method to achieve peak results in the shortest time. Our certified coaches stay current on all the latest health and fitness news in order to bring you the safest, most effective fitness program possible.

In addition to customized workouts guided by a professional, personal training includes some of the most important factors for a successful exercise regimen:

  • Variety
  • Motivation
  • Accountability
  • Consistency

Review the personal training appointments and rates information, or contact us today to inquire about personal training. We offer a free initial consultation to anyone interested in meeting with a TUF fitness coach to learn what personal training can do for you.

Right For You

You may think personal training is just for athletes. In fact, it's beneficial to a wide range of people and their reasons for choosing personal training are as varied as the individuals. Examples include:

General Population

Lose weight, increase strength or improve muscle definition and overall appearance.


Increase mobility and quality of life.


Address childhood obesity to teach new lifelong habits and prevent onset Type II diabetes.


Regain general health and wellness after the physical stress of having children.

Rehabilitation Patients

Decrease recovery time from injuries.

Athletes are also obvious candidates for personal training, and we offer sports performance training to address their specialized needs.

Fitness Assessment

The fitness assessment is an important first step in personal training. Your trainer will use this special initial session to assess your current fitness level, determine your goals and start developing a personal fitness plan.

Periodic Evaluations

Your personal fitness coach will conduct evaluations at planned intervals to measure improvements in weight, body mass, flexibility and strength. This helps your trainer amend your personal fitness plan to ensure continued success. These periodic fitness assessments are included in the cost of personal training and are not charged as an additional fee.

Buddy System

At TUF, we understand that working out can be more fun with a friend. We're happy to make arrangements for your personal training sessions to include one other individual. We offer a substantial discount on the personal training rate when you bring a buddy.

Business Group Option

Improving employees' general wellness is one method businesses are using to combat the rising cost of health insurance. Contact us to learn more about having a fitness coach teach a special event or regularly scheduled exercise sessions for your company.

Contact us today to discuss personal training or schedule a fitness assessment.

Complimentary Initial Consultation

Want to learn more about what personal training can do for you? Call 815.530.6368 to schedule a complimentary initial consultation.

Personal Training Appointments and Rates


Personal Training Appointments and Rates

Fitness Assessment

jump rope

Fitness assessments are an important part of any fitness program.